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Pre-Accelator for Non-Technical Founders

Startup Garage teams up with WeWork for a new kind of pre-accelerator programme specifically designed for non-technical founders that are serious about transforming ideas into investment-ready ventures.

Candidates are carefully selected through an online application programme. Successful applicants enter a 3-month pre-acceleration process, during which Startup Garage builds them a prototype and provides a dedicated technical team for unlimited product iteration.

We also work intensively with applicants to meet investors’ expectations. After three months, we provide them an opportunity to raise seed investment or move onwards to an accelerator.

This is a paid programme. We do not take equity. We accept applications on a rolling basis.


How does it work?

Startup Garage and WeWork team up to equip non-technical founders everything needed to test their startup ideas.

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    Week 0

    You will be duly notified of your acceptance to Startup Garage’s programme. Congratulations!

    if you do receive disappointing news, do not fret! Our team will provide you some feedback on what aspects of your application we were concerned about and provide suggestions on ways you can improve. We are happy to review your application again if those issues can be addressed.

    Upon acceptance, you are immediately inducted to the Startup Garage x WeWork community. You are now formally a startup founder, herein referred to as a “Starter”.

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    Week 1: MVP Blueprint

    During the first week, Starters will focus on figuring out what product features are relevant to investors and work with a dedicated technical team to come up with the direction of your prototyping plan. This will serve as the blueprint for developing a Minimal Viable Product (“MVP”).

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    Week 2-5: Programming Team – Product side Prototyping

    During Week 2-5, Starters shall be aiming to complete a first turn of your MVP. Startup Garage’s product-to-market approach emphasizes quick development of an MVP designed with basic features that will appeal to a small target audience. The technical team we provide is aimed to deliver you fast prototyping within this time frame of one month, working with you based on your needs and scheduling.

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    Week 2­-5: You as a Founder – Business Side Acceleration

    Simultaneously, during week 2-5, all the resources of Startup Garage is available to Starters. This includes access to WeWork work space, events, startup mentors and early-stage investors.

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    Week 6­-12: Beta Launch & Iteration Stage

    By week 6, you will be entrenched in the programme, with a prototype 1.0 and having access to our community of people to help you succeed. You will then continue to experiment by tweaking your product, see how the market responds, and alter your offering accordingly. The goal is to accelerate the pace of designing a product and developing a market.

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    Week 12: Introduction to Investors & Accelerators

    In these three months, Startup Garage provides you a conducive environment to “accelerate” your startup. These 90 days are crucial to get lift off for your business, and you are able to fully focus without distraction on your idea.

    At the end of the programme, you will have transformed your idea into a market-tested prototype. This should sufficiently equip Starters to pitch to investors and accelerators. We hope you will take full flight through two potential channels we have for our Starters who have completed our 3­-month programme:

    ■ Access to capital via angel investors or seed funding
    ■ Increased chance of acceptance to accelerators

    That’s generally how your three months will be. It will be intense, but we are focused on making your ideas a reality and delivering results.

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In 3 months, you receive:

  • Fast Prototype

    A fast prototype that allows you to test the market and engage investors and accelerators

  • Unlimited Iteration

    3-month technical team for unlimited iteration on your prototype

  • Free Workspace

    3-month WeWork work space

  • Guaranteed Investor Meetings

    Together with a network of early-stage VCs and angels that will allow you to sustain your startup past the Startup Garage programme

  • Expert Guidance

    A curated industry expert network that provides guidance and help tackle difficult decisions

  • Conect To WeWork Community

    Access to a private digital platform that directly connects you with 50,000+ members of the global WeWork community, in which you can:

    • Promote your services and find new clients
    • Search for business and service listings that can help your startup grow
    • Network with like-minded entrepreneurs
    • Expose your startup to a sizable global audience from day one
  • Launch Support

    A community team that provides launch support such as: build initial user community, organize launch events, and connect with media


We Know Startup!

Startup’s product-to-market approach emphasizes on quick development of a "minimum viable product," designed with the smallest set of features that will appeal to a small group of target audience. You will then continue to experiment by tweaking your offerings, see how the market responds, and change your offerings accordingly. The goal is to accelerate the pace of designing a product and developing a market.

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